Evening of Friday 27 April
12:00 am - 2:00 am / Espace 140

Raphaël Decoster : accordion diatonic
Théo Kaiser : trumpet, guitar
Pierre Droual : violin
Florian Huygebaert : percussions
Jean-Baptiste Guerrier : electric bass, guitar

Zlabya is first of all an invitation to dance, in all its states. With a perfect mix of folk, jazz and world music, this quartet spread out a contagious energy, with well-placed groove or sending cloudy patches. Their melodies tell stories, make us travel and make us see a lot. The bal as a landscape is open !

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Evening of Friday 27 April
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm / Espace 140

Jean Thiéry : accordion diatonic
Julien Cartonnet : bagpipe 16 inches
Sylvain Quéré : guitar

After 6 years, Re-Fût de Chêne rises again from its barrel and proposes its fresh and cadenced music. A tremulous bagpipe, a lyrical accordion and a wrapping guitar. The 3 shysters propose traditional music from Morvan and other regions, embellished of compositions and personal arrangements. Be careful, excessive consumption of Re-Fût de Chêne music can have unpredictable effects...

Picture © Sophie Dartigeas

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Evening of Friday 27 April
10:00 pm - 12:00 am / Espace 140

Erwann Tobie : accordion diatonic

Erwann Tobie is considered as a spearhead of the diatonic accordion in Loire-Atlantique. Teacher and educational coordinator at the Conservatoire de Cap-Atlantique, he performs on stage with Yann-Fañch Kemener Trio and duo Sérot-Tobie. In 2015, Erwann created the solo project « Histoires sans Paroles » : a way to share his music differently with the public and enlarge his musical horizon. All along the melodies of breton and world music, sound images are built and create a story where notes replace words.

Picture: ®mparque

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Evening of Saturday 28 April
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm / Outside

Sophie Cavez : Accordion diatonic
Baltazar Montanaro : Violin

An accordion, a violin... A journey between the north winds and the eastern moods... An emotion, sometimes improvised, free, kind or tensed... A music without frontiers, without a name…free!
Montanaro-Cavez is a duo known for its musicality. Together Sophie and Baltazar, because of their mutual respect and natural complicity are together even more expressive. This duo between a diatonic accordion and a violin is giving us a true intimate travel.

Photo credit © Harold Noben

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Evening of Saturday 28 April
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm / Espace 140

Benoît Roblin : hurdy gurdy, singing
Cédric Loosli : bouzouki, singing
Cyril Berthet : transverse flute, saxophone soprano, singing
David Roblin : bass, percussions

From 2006, Décibal has decided to renew its repertoire and to come back to the roots: traditional music from Berry, especially north of the region. The quartet proposes today a music in adequation with its native land: peaceful and melodic, insolent and cadenced. The group chose to modernise Berry heritage with arrangements dedicated to dance. Let's dance!

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Evening of Saturday 28 April
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm / Espace 140

Nils Exibard : accordion diatonic
Paul Fermé : violin

"We began to play together in jam sessions. Late in the evening or early in the afternoon. We loved it and came to conclusions that we should have our own duo. Obviously it began with irish music : this explains the numerous crazy evenings we spent ! Then we began to compose. We like what creaks...but not too much. And above all we like when it moves : circles, bourrées and rondeau en chaîne danced until it is aching ! But we also know to calm down. No choice otherwise no more cords on violin and no more tuned reed on accordion. Gavotte de l’Aven, valse à 5 temps, mazurka à 8 temps will help to calm your calves. Let's dance ! 3... 2... 1..."
Paul & Nils

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Evening of Saturday 28 April
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm / Espace 140

Antonin Volson : percussions
Floriane Le Pottier : violin
Jonathan Dour : violin
Mathilde Chevrel : cello

Inspired by traditional violonists (Bretagne, Center of France, Sweden...), Middle East sounds, classical harmonies or rock riffs, Dour-Le Pottier Quartet is a true breeding ground. Born in Bretagne around the violin duet formed by Jonathan Dour and Floriane Le Pottier, the quartet was later joined by Mathilde Chevrel (cello) and Antonin Volson (percussions). The group exalts the opposites: subtile and wild, skilful and popular. This is a bit like a tribal and modal chamber orchestra and that is awesome!

Picture: ®Huteau

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Evening of Saturday 28 April
11:00 pm - / Espace 140

Camille Stimbre : violin
Léon Ollivier : accordeon diatonic
Noé Bazoge : cello
Youmi Bazoge : violin, singing

Bargainatt is a group of folkdance music inspired by european traditional music repertoire. Coming from South of France, the 4 musicians began to play on markets. Their quartet will take you in a universe nourished by classical education of its cords, by jazz influence of its accordeonist and by harmonizations of many different colors. Through compositions and revisited traditional melodies, you will live an energic and fresh bal experience.

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Evening of Sunday 29 April
1:00 am - 3:00 am / Espace 140

David Boirat : bagpipe, singing
Clémence Cognet : violin, singing
Jean-Marc Duroure : double bass, bass
Jérôme Lioger Elsener : hurdy gurdy, singing
Marjorie Stéphany : accordeon, singing
Pierre-Yves Clémot : Keyboard, singing

Created in 2016 by David Boirat (Bâtons de Quartier), Arquebuse is a group who composes and interprets traditional songs from Center of France. This group is marked by the "chavan" spirit and taste for encounter. Their music is wild, persistant and heady, nourishing most attentive ears and streching tenacious calves.

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Evening of Sunday 29 April
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm / Espace 140

Ludovic Lantner : violins
Maïwenn Mérer : violins
Manuelle Renaud : alto
Pierre Cordier : cello
Harmonie Maltère : transverse flute

Created in December 2016 in Lyon , the brand new group « Les Folkeux de Pie» is a collectif of musicians coming from the symphonic orchestra. This quintet is composed of a cord quartet and a transverse flute. Their aim is to make music differently with another goal than the concert: make people dance in a bal. The repertoire is composed of traditional musics from different french and european regions but also from covers and compositions!

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Evening of Sunday 29 April
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm / Espace 140

Sophie Cavez (Belgium) : accordion diationic
Baltazar Montanaro (France) : violin baryton
Josefina Paulson (Sweden) : nickelharpa
Jonas Åkerlund (Sweden) : guitar, violin, sackpipa, hardlanger

Sirus is the meeting of 2 duos for which musical pleasure is the main idea. They have both one foot in the traditional rooted music and the other in a wider musical practice. The most important ingredient of their music together is the together flow , as natural as possible. This music is an invitation to an inner journey and also to dance. Sirus wishes to welcome everyone in the same vibration.

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Evening of Sunday 29 April
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm / Espace 140

Camille Raibaud : violins, mandoline, choir
Julien Estèves : bouzouki, guitar tenor, choir
Juliette Minvielle : singer leader, percussions
Lolita Delmonteil-Ayral : accordions, singind

Laüsa [lahuzo] is a musical travel through inherited and imagined tradition, a living testimony which reminds that all musics got mixed up. With traditional instruments but an actual sound, Laüsa takes its influences in Folk, Pop and Rock, and sometimes flirts with Mediterranean and African colors but they always remain loyal to Gascogne cadence. This brand new group affirms its Gascogne roots and its affiliation to the world, open, curious, generous and respectful of the origins.

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Evening of Sunday 29 April
10:00 pm - 12:00 am / Espace 140

Jérémie Moncoudioul : bagpipes, whistles, guimbard
Laurent Le Poul : electric guitar, mandole
Olivier Leroy : drum, banjo, bass
Sébastien Matharel : machines, banjo
Vincent Sionneau : electroacoustic hurdy gurdy

Traditional music is actual ! Proof is given with the Patates Sound System, who integrate all along the years new influences and new instruments. Today, machines, drums and electric guitare merge with the hurdy gurdy and bagpipe. This deliver a powerful psychoelectrorock folk. A bal full of energy where you will have to watch, to listen and above all to dance! QED !

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